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authFullName_s : Rodolphe Durand

(Un)Great Expectations Effects of Underestimations and Self-perception on Performance

Rodolphe Durand
EURAM Conference, May 2006, Oslo, Norway
Conference papers halshs-00121049v1

Ups and Downs: The Role of Legitimacy Judgment Cues in Practice Implementation

Anne Servantie Jacqueminet , Rodolphe Durand
Preprints, Working Papers, ... hal-02896545v1

Communication environnementale et réputation de l'organisation

Rodolphe Durand , Deborah Philippe
Revue Française de Gestion, 2009, Vol.4, issue 194, p.45-63
Journal articles hal-00576829v1

L'organisation pirate : Essai sur l'évolution du capitalisme

Rodolphe Durand , Jean-Philippe Vergne
Editions Le Bord de l'eau, 176 p., 2010, Mondes marchands
Books hal-00575617v1

Competing investors' logics and innovation performance

Rodolphe Durand
SMS Conférence, Sep 2010, Rome, Italy
Conference papers hal-00554027v1

Gradual response to scandal in contested fields

Rodolphe Durand
Conférence ASA Atlanta, 2010, Atlanta, United States
Conference papers hal-00554063v1

Développer l'innovation

Rodolphe Durand , Tugrul Atamer , Emmanuelle Reynaud
Revue Française de Gestion, 2005, Vol. 31/155, pp. 13-21. ⟨10.3166/rfg.155.13-21⟩
Journal articles hal-00458084v1

Les variables stratégiques de la compétition technologique : une représentation en trois plans

Bertrand Quélin , Rodolphe Durand , Jean-Philippe Bonardi , Tamym Abdessemed
Reports hal-00602021v1

Prestigious organizations and heterodox choice in institutionally plural contexts

Rodolphe Durand , Berangere Szostak
Reports hal-00540786v1

Competence systemics and survival: Simulation and empirical analyses

Rodolphe Durand , Zahia Guessoum
R. Sanchez, A. Heene (Eds). Competence Perspectives on Resources, Stakeholders and Renewal, 9, Elsevier, pp.33-58, 2005, Advances in Applied Business Strategy, ⟨10.1016/S0749-6826(05)09003-7⟩
Book sections hal-00701943v1

Théorie des options réelles et développement stratégique

Rodolphe Durand , Pierre-Yves Gomez , Philippe Monin
R. Durand (ed.). Développement de l'organisation, Nouveaux Regards, Economica, pp. 37-55, 2002
Book sections hal-00701948v1

Strong in the morning, dead in the evening, a genealogical perspective from firm selection

Rodolphe Durand , Marie-Laure Salles-Djelic
Reports hal-00701963v1

Organizational Evolution and Strategic Management

Rodolphe Durand
Sage, pp.200, 2006
Books hal-00701822v1

Guide du Management Stratégique

Rodolphe Durand
Dunod, pp.408, 2003
Books hal-00701824v1

Entreprise et Evolution Economique

Rodolphe Durand
Editions Belin, pp.320, 2000
Books hal-00701828v1

Analyse de la survie des firmes : le cas des imprimeurs OFFSET à Paris de 1950 à 1985

Rodolphe Durand , Jacques Obadia
Revue d'économie industrielle , 1998, n° 84, pp. 45-66. ⟨10.3406/rei.1998.1715⟩
Journal articles hal-00699312v1

More than just novelty: conceptual blending and causality

Rodolphe Durand , Joep Cornelissen
Academy of Management Review, 2012, 37 (1), pp.152-154. ⟨10.5465/armr.2011.0129⟩
Journal articles hal-00699180v1

Heterogeneous Social Motives and Interactions: The Three Predictable Paths of Capability Development

Flore Bridoux , Régis Coeurderoy , Rodolphe Durand
Preprints, Working Papers, ... hal-01971050v1

Border Crossing: Bricolage and the Erosion of Categorical Boundaries in French Gastronomy

Rodolphe Durand , Hayagreeva Rao , Philippe Monin
American Sociological Review, 2005, Vol. 70, n°6, pp. 968-991. ⟨10.1177/000312240507000605⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00457938v1

Sustaining competitive advantage in high-tech markets: managing network effects

Rodolphe Durand , Jean-Philippe Bonardi
Academy of Management Executive, 2003, vol.17, n°4, pp.NC
Journal articles hal-00699299v1

L'entreprise, moteur de l'évolution économique

Rodolphe Durand
Sciences humaines, 2001, n° 119, pp. 34-36
Journal articles hal-00699308v1

La cohérence des choix stratégiques: l'impact des décisions d'entrée et des stratégies génériques sur la performance organisationnelle des firmes

Rodolphe Durand , Régis Coeurderoy
Finance Contrôle Stratégie, 2001, vol. 4, n°3, pp. 57-88
Journal articles hal-00480865v1

No territory, no profit: The pirate organization and capitalism in the making

Rodolphe Durand , Jean-Philippe Vergne
M@n@gement, 2012, 15 (3), pp.265-272. ⟨10.3917/mana.153.0265⟩
Journal articles hal-00762859v1

Les contributions de la théorie des ressources à une théorie évolutionniste de la firme

Rodolphe Durand , Bertrand Quélin
Basle et al. (eds.). Approches évolutionnistes de la firme et de l'industrie, L'Harmattan, pp. 45-75, 1999
Book sections hal-00701954v1

CSR Disclosure and Stakeholders Cooperation: To role of heterogeneous beliefs

Rodolphe Durand
Reports hal-00701960v1

The Missing Lens in Family Firm Governance Theory: A Self-Other Typology of Parental Altruism

Rodolphe Durand , Michael H. Lubatkin , Yan Ling
Reports hal-00701965v1

Jules or Jim: Alternative conformity to minority logics

Rodolphe Durand , Julien Jourdan
Academy of Management Journal, 2012, 55 (6), pp.1295-1315. ⟨10.5465/amj.2011-0345⟩
Journal articles hal-00772070v1
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Do Science and Money Go Together? The Case of the French Biotech Industry

Rodolphe Durand , Olga Bruyaka , Vincent Mangematin
Strategic Management Journal, 2008, 29 (12), pp.1281-1299. ⟨10.1002/smj.707⟩
Journal articles hal-00422650v1

Legitimacy judgments and prosociality

Rodolphe Durand , Chang Wa Huynh
Preprints, Working Papers, ... hal-03501731v1

Leveraging the advantage of early entry: proprietary technologies versus cost leadership

Rodolphe Durand , R. Coeurderoy
Journal of Business Research, 2004, Vol. 57, n° 6, pp. 583-591. ⟨10.1016/S0148-2963(02)00423-X⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00458095v1